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Clamp power analyzer LUTRON PC-6011SD
€361,29 incl. VAT

LUTRON PC-6011SD is a Clamp Power Analyzer with SD card real time data recorder.Measurements:V, A,...

Clamp multimeter LUTRON CM-9930R
€209,33 incl. VAT

The Lutron CM-9930 is a digital clamp multimeter with communication interface. Lutron CM 9930...

€195,89 incl. VAT

LUTRON CM-6155C is advanced clamp multimeter, which measures AC/DC current and voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance.. 

Clamp multimeter LUTRON CM-9930
€193,83 incl. VAT

The Lutron CM-9930 is a digital clamp multimeter. Lutron CM 9930 measures AC / DC current and...

Clamp multimeter LUTRON DL-9954
€169,79 incl. VAT

Lutron DL-9954 is a highly accurate leakage current meter. DL 9954 measures AC / DC voltage, AC...

Multimeter LUTRON DM-9960
€106,27 incl. VAT

Lutron DM-9960 is digital multimeter . Measures voltage(AC/DC) up to 1000V, current(AC/DC) up to...

Clamp multimeter LUTRON CM-9940
€102,86 incl. VAT

LUTRON CM-9940 is a small clamp multimeter. LUTRON CM-9940 measures AC / DC current and voltage,...

Multimeter LUTRON DM-9950
€78,65 incl. VAT

Digital multimeter for daily use. This device is capable of measuring AC/DC Voltage up to 1000 V, AC/DC Current up to 60 A, resistance up to 6 MΩ, capacitance up to 60 uF and...