pH/REDOX, conductivity, oxygen

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Water Quality Recorder LUTRON WAC-2019SD

LUTRON WAC-2019 is a Water Quality meter and SD Card real time data recorder.Real time recorder,...

Conductivity meter LUTRON CD-4306

Lutron CD-4306 is a conductivity meter with wide applications: water conditioning, aquariums,...

Salt meter LUTRON PSA-311

Lutron PSA-311 is a compact designed salt meter.Measurement : 0 to 12.0 % salt ( % weight value...

Salt meter LUTRON YK-31SA

Lutron YK-31SA is a Salt meter with separate electrode. Provides fast, accurate readings, with...

pH meter LUTRON PH-230SD

Lutron PH-230SD is a pH meter with a real time data logger. pH measurement can select ATC or...