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Principles of MICRONIX personal data protection

 Within the MICRONIX Group we make sure that a proper attention is paid to the personal data protection. See this summary for the information on what personal data we process and retain for our business purposes, namely the information on our customers and web users, whether we process data on a basis of a consent or on other legal grounds, what purposes we use them for, whom we may disclose them and what are your rights in relation to your personal data processing.

 Basic provisions - who processes your personal data?

Pursuant to the Article 4, clause 7 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) MICRONIX, spol. s r.o., with its registered office at Praha 4, Antala Staška 1076/33a, ZIP Code 14000, Comp. reg. no.: 48584118 is the Data Controller (hereinafter referred to as “The Controller“), as the provider of online shop focused on the sale of the measuring technology, storage batteries, batteries, solar cells as well as complex services in the fields of calibration and measuring.

Personal data means all information about an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable natural person is a natural person who, can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to a particular identifier, such as the name, identification number, location information, network identifier or one or more specific elements of the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or the social identity of this natural person.

The Controller did not appoint any appointee for the personal data protection; the compliance with the requirements for the personal data protection is supervised by a competent person and any internal processes and procedures have been adapted accordingly.

How we process personal data

In the first place, we process such personal data we obtained in relation to the fulfilment of your order. Mostly these are the data communicated by you during your registration process on our website or while placing an individual order and which are required for the contract fulfilment: 

  • E-mail
  • Encrypted password 
  • Name and surname, login chosen by a customer himself
  • Contact and/or delivery address (for order delivery)
  • Phone number (for the information on the order status)
  • Other details completed voluntarily by you (e.g. in the contact form, product questions, comments on the purchase order etc.) 
  • reg. no., VAT ID 
  • Cookies (in case of on-line services) 
  • Visual records (camera system in shops)

Why we process your personal data

The main reason why we process your personal data is our endeavour to provide services and products you have been interested in (including the administration and payments in case you place an order) and so that we can guarantee and continually improve the quality of your services and thus also your data.

Your data are processed both manually and in an automated way. MICRONIX is entitled to collect, store and use certain information by means of automated processing technology, such as statistics, any time you visit our website.

Where do we get a right to process your personal data and what is the purpose of processing?

We only process personal data on below legal grounds:

  • Contract fulfilment between you and the Controller (see the Article 6, par. 1, section b), GDPR).
  • The legitimate interest (direct marketing) for the purpose of sending business communications (see the Article 6, par. 1, section f), GDPR).

Purpose of your personal data processing:

  • Execution of the contractual relationship: your order fulfilment and the execution of rights and obligations pursuant to the legal relationship between you and the Controller; when placing an order personal data are required, which are necessary for the successful order fulfilment (name and address, contact details), whereas the provision of personal data is a necessary requirement for the contract conclusion and fulfilment; without the provision of personal data the contract cannot be concluded or fulfilled by the Controller,
  • Obtaining advantages within marketing activities: sending business communications related to your purchase,
  • Any other activities: improvements of the quality of our services and the development of new services, performing analyses and measurements in order to realize the way our services are used, analyses of your preferences and content display, which corresponds to your individual needs, answering your question and within the shop at the health and property protection. 

What are the cookies and which cookies we use?

MICRONIX - as any other website - uses cookies. Cookies are small text files saved by the browser locally in the computer, through which the website is displayed. Cookies do not serve for the purposes of personal identification of website users and are even unable to do so. 

A user is not identifiable on a basis of this information. The information may include for example the type of the used device and browser or a website, which has been visited. They can also make sure that you get better awareness of products, which correspond to your interests and preferences. Cookies are not dangerous, they are not used for obtaining any sensitive personal data, nevertheless they are important for the protection of privacy. We use cookie files to recognize repeated visits to our website to make your movements on our website easier. A cookie file saves the preferential setting of the user and the randomly assigned identifier of your visit. 

As for users, which are not logged in, the cookie saves the on-line shop settings, product ID and number of pieces in the shopping cart; in case the user wants to get his order processed, it saves the submitted details in the form (name, surname, street, city/town, ZIP Code, email, phone number and/or company name, company reg. no., VAT ID and the delivery address details). As for users, which are not logged in, these cookies are deleted after the order has been placed. As for users, which are logged in, all details above are saved, nevertheless these cookies only are active during the period the user is logged in at the website.

The third-party cookies is another group of cookies (e.g. Google Analytics for the analysis of the particular website traffic or any service or cookies of advertising system providers). These cookies are controlled by third parties and we have no access to these data reading or writing. For the Google personal data protection statement see:


If you disagree with the cookies collection you can prevent their collection by changing your browser setting. To disable and remove cookies see (, or see the help section of the particular browser, or contact the browser producer. Disabling all cookies completely may result in the limited operation of some functions of this website.

How long are the data stored?

We store the data for the period required for the execution of rights and obligations resulting from the contractual relationship between you and the Controller and enforcing rights from these legal relationships, further for the period imposed to us by the law (for accounting and tax purposes). If you want us to discontinue sending business communications you can unsubscribe in the particular business communication.

Who has an access to your personal data?

Your data are safe. We are very careful with choosing our partners (e.g. collaborating forwarding companies), to whom we disclose your data and who are able to guarantee such a technical and organization security of your data to prevent any unauthorized access to your data or any other misuse of these data. In the first place, we minimize the number of partners and all our partners are bound by the processing contract and the confidentiality obligation and are not allowed to use the provided data for any other purposes than for which these data have been disclosed to them by us.

Under certain, precisely defined conditions we are obliged to submit some your personal data to the Police or any other public administration bodies in compliance with applicable legal regulations.

We never submit the data to any non-E.U. country. 

What are your rights in relation to the personal data protection and how you can withdraw your consent

As the data subject you have the rights below you are entitled to pursuant to legal regulations and which you can apply any time:

  • The right to the access to your personal data pursuant to the Art. 15, GDPR
  • The right for the personal data correction pursuant to the Art. 16, GDPR, or processing limitation pursuant to the Art. 18, GDPR
  • The right to the deletion of your personal data pursuant to the Art. 17, GDPR
  • The right to an objection to your personal data processing pursuant to the Art. 21, GDPR
  • The right to the portability of your personal data pursuant to the Art. 20, GDPR
  • the right to withdraw your consent with data processing in writing or electronically via e-mail (withdrawal of consent does not affect the processing of personal data that we process on a legal basis other than consent, i.e. especially if processing is necessary to fulfil the contract, legal obligation or other reasons specified in valid legal regulations; the withdrawal of your consent does not affect the possibility to continue processing your personal data based on your consent, which was given before its withdrawal),
  • The right to file a complaint at the Authority for the personal data protection if you believe that your right for the personal data protection has been violated.

The security of your personal data and why we use the camera system

We declare that we have taken all suitable technical and organization measures to guarantee the security of personal data. Only internally authorized persons have the access to the personal data. The made security measures are updated on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, we will need your assistance upon ensuring the security of your data; in particular you shall keep your unique passwords and other data for the access to our services confidential and you shall comply with elementary security principles.

In brick-and-mortar stores a camera supervisory system may be installed for the purpose of the legitimate interest of the Controller (property protection against loss or destruction, protection of lives and health of employees and third persons) and the records may only be disclosed to law enforcement authorities or other authorized public authorities.

Final provisions and contact details

By placing your order in the e shop you confirm that you have been acquainted with the conditions of the personal data protection and that you accept them in the entire scope.

In case of any questions on your personal data protection use the contact information available here ( or send them via e-mail to or send us letter to our address: MICRONIX, spol. s r.o., with its registered office at Praha 4, Antala Staška 1076/33a, 140 00, attn. a competent person for the personal data protection.

This version of the Principles of personal data protection is applicable from 25 May 2018.

The principles of personal data protection are available in the PDF format on-line or to be downloaded HERE.