Sound, noise

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Sound-level meter LUTRON SL-4033SD

Lutron SL-4033SD is a sound level meter. Frequency and time weighting meet IEC 61672 class 1 ...

Sound -level meter LUTRON SL-4023SD

Lutron SL-4023SD is a sound level meter with a SD card. Main functions are designed to meet IEC...

Sound -level meter LUTRON SL-4022

LUTRON SL-4022 - digital sound level meter. Frequency weighting and time weighting are meet Max....

Sound -level meter LUTRON SL-4013

LUTRON SL-4013 - digital sound level meter 30 ~ 130 dB (resolution 0.1 dB) with separate sound...

Sound-level meter LUTRON SL-4011

LUTRON SL-4011 - digital sound level meter. Large LCD display, easy to read. Max. Hold...

Sound meter calibrator LUTRON SC-942

SOUND CALIBRATOR, 94 dB & 114 dBModel : SC-942 Professional, 1 KHz. Die casting aluminum alloy...

Sound meter calibrator LUTRON SC-941

Lutron SC-941 is a standard 94 dB 1000 Hz sound calibrator, useful to calibrate the " Sound Level...


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