Force gauge meters

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Test stand LUTRON FS-1001

Lutron FS-1001 is test stand for force gaude. Optional, test stand, be connected with FG-500A,...

Force gauge LUTRON FG-6100SD

A new version of the popular force gauge with the ability to record measured data on an SD card (*...

Force gauge LUTRON FG-6020SD

The Lutron FG-6020SD is a tensile and compressive force meter. 4-digit display with backlight ...

Force gauge LUTRON FG-6005SD

The Lutron FG-6005SD is a tensile and compressive force meter, 4-digit display with backlight ...

Wedge grip LUTRON WG-01

WG-01 is a holder of tested material for test stand FS-1001, designed for force gauges Lutron FG...