Gases and environment

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CO and CO2 meter AQ-9901SD

The device is designed to measure air quality - it also measures CO, CO2, O2 levels, temperature...

CO2 measure LUTRON CO2-9904SD

Lutron CO2-9904SD is a CO2 (Carbon dioxide), humidity and temperature meter. CO2 range : 0 to...

CO2 meter LUTRON GC-2028

The Lutron GC-2028 is a digital CO2 level meter with thermometer, measuring range: 0 to 4000 ppm, 1...

Ultrasonic gas leak detector LUTRON GS-5800W/GS-400

Lutron GS-5800W is a ultrasonic gas leak detector, GS-400 is a ultrasonic transmitter. This...

CO meter LUTRON GCO-2008

LUTRON GCO-2008 is a CO METERFeatures:CO (Carbon monooxide), Temperature.CO range : 0 to 1,000...

CO meter LUTRON PCO-350

The Lutron PCO-350 is a pen type CO level meter with thermometer. The measuring range is 0 to 1000...


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