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thermometer LUTRON BTM-4208SD
€677,10 incl. VAT

12-channel digital thermometer with dataloggerLutron BTM-4208SDFor K / J / T / E / R / S...

TM 969
€273,43 incl. VAT

LUTRON TM-969 is a dual laser thermometer, with both non-contact and contact measuring. Contact measuring from -64°C up to 1400°C (with thermocouple type K)....

TM 9017SD
€226,39 incl. VAT

LUTRON TM-9017SD is a precision 0.01 degree thermometerFeatures:PT 100 ohm + thermocouple type with datalogger...

thermometer LUTRON TM-947SD
€205,46 incl. VAT

Digital 4-channel thermometer with datalogger - Lutron TM-947SD 4 channels for K / J / T / E / R...

Thermometer LUTRON MTM-380SD
€160 incl. VAT

The Lutron MTM-380SD is a three channel digital thermometer designed for K-type thermocouples....