Magnetic field meter LUTRON MG-3003SD

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Lutron MG-3003SD is an AC/DC magnetic meter.Features:Wide range, general purpose magnetic measurement...

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Product detailed description

Lutron MG-3003SD is an AC/DC magnetic meter with datalogger.

Wide range, general purpose magnetic measurement for industrial, mechanical, electrical, laboratory field usage
Unit: G (Gauss), mT (milli Tesla)
DC range: 300.00 mT / 3000.0 mT
AC range: 150.00 mT / 1500.0 mT
N pole / S pole indicator
Use Hall sensor with automatic temp. compensation
RS232/USB computer interface
Auto shut off is available to save battery life
Power supply from batteries or DC 9V adapter in



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Category: Electromagnetic and Electrostatic field testers
Weight: 1.5 kg